The Curious Case of The Kangaroo

Last night I dreamt that i was the proud owner of both a medium-sized kangaroo (or a rather large wallaby) and a Dalmatian puppy. Both the kangaroo and  the Dalmatian were purchased at a rummage sale outside of a Presbyterian church. I brought my purchases home, and ran to the backyard. I bounced around with the kangaroo, soaring high in the air, taking deep breaths of a cool October breeze. The puppy played around in the leaf-liter on the ground, and nipped playfully at my toes when I landed.

I thought to myself “This is probably the happiest that I have ever been.”

And then I woke up.

I will live each day in quest to find a happiness equal to that of which a kangaroo and a puppy provided in my dreams.


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