Here lies Eugene, a noble crayfish.

I have three baby turtles. I previously blogged about my baby snapping turtle, Reptar. I also have a baby painted turtle (Tommy Pickles) and a baby Stinkpot (Goomba). Reptar is getting bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter every day. This is good for him, because he’s a growing boy, and needs to one day look like this:

In other words: fat.

This growthspurt, however, was unfortunate for Eugene, my crayfish, for Eugene sadly is no longer with us šŸ˜¦

What he would have looked like in a photo if he had ever agreed to pose for one.

I should have known this day would come. Reptar picked off of all of Eugene’s brothers (Fitzherbert, Flynn, and Rider), along with several catfish, hundreds of glass shrimp, and the likes.

When I discovered Eugene to be missing in action, I nearly cried. Yes, I am the type of girl who cries when a crayfish (which are consumed in mass quantities daily by humans) gets eaten. I think this makes me a pansy.

But Eugene was a good crayfish. I just hope that Reptar is full for the next few days, and that Eugene is eating some worms in crayfish heaven (which I imagine is a fairly cool place to be).

I suppose this is a lesson in keeping turtles: they are hungry, and will eat whatever they can get their little beaks on. But they make up for their ferociousĀ appetitesĀ by being adorable, fun pets. The snapper will probably live to be around sixty, and i’m proud to share my life with this magnificent reptile.

Farewell, Eugene, you shall be missed.


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