The Phantom Menace: All work completed for 3D release date.

George Lucas (or Oh Flanelled One, as I like to call him) has been promising Star Wars in 3D for a long time. I remember buying a set of original trilogy VHS tapes in 2002, and the store clerk talked me up about the upcoming 3D release of all of the films. Episodes II and III weren’t even out yet. I was nine. I was psyched.

But it never happened.

Yeah, laugh it up, George.

But now it is happening, and each Star Wars film will be released in 3D, starting with the Phantom Menace. February 10, 2012 is the big day. And today it has been announced that all 3D work on the film is complete. It’s only a matter of time until Jar Jar Binks is back on the big screen, in eye-popping RealD3D.


And I can’t wait.


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