A Just Man

Inspired by the text of Matthew: 1.

Make an example of me:

Ripe with child, round, covered in

The afterbirth of a summer’s evening,

A picnic blanket, the sea, then his bed.


He turns a blind eye,

Because he is a just man, because he

Senses in me the vulnerability of a virgin

A lost little girl clutching to the bedpost.


In the supermarket, nervous glances

Cajole me into grasping at his back,

Grasping at straws, asking him,

Do you want me, and do you want us?


His pity seems to me like

Almost an excuse to gain the upper hand,

But under oath of the lord he says,

“I want you both,: and I believe him.


A boy is born,

Under the evening star and swaddled

In an old t-shirt – what else,

And he’s perfect, and he’s mine.


“He’s ours,” he says, but we both know

that the boy’s father is not here, and he

marries me anyways under the light of a half-moon,

and claims the boy as his own, his only.


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