American Horror Story: Piggy, Piggy (Or, is it bad that i still like Tate?)

Well, last night’s episode was quite a trip.

Let’s just take a moment to applaud Ben Harmon for getting through this episode without crying.

"The pain!"

That being said, Ben might be the worst psychiatrist in the history of ever, and should have his license revoked forever and always. But we’ll come back to that later.

In other news, this episode guest-starred Cam from Modern Family. My only critique is that he wasn’t sassy and gay enough.

This episode lacked...this.

Anyways, not-so-sassy-gay Cam played the role of one of Ben’s patients (god save him), who has an irrational fear of Urban Legends. I’ll admit that, I too, was once afraid of an urban legend. I couldn’t look in a mirror for six months after that episode of South park where Butters summons Biggie Smalls.

Some scary shit.

So anyways, in order to treat Cam, Ben makes him go into a bathroom, stare into the mirror, and chant this urban legend rhyme that is supposed to summon the ghost of a deranged pig vendor. In the Murder House. Alone.

"I'm so bad at my job."

Anyways, that plotline wasn’t very interesting, and just involved Cam getting shot in some nonsensical plot twist. because, of course.

"Now I can get back to being gay and sassy!"

So, then there was another kind of maybe interesting subplot involving Vivian and her daemon seed. Basically, she goes to a church, where the crazy hospital technician who passed out last episode has been taking refuge. Because the baby inside Vivian’s baby is fucking satan. And then she’s all like, “Vivian, your baby is fucking Satan or some shit. It’s like, not right. It has hooves and seems like it might be Lucifer himself.” And Vivian is all like, “Naw dog, I got this, my baby is legit.”

"My baby is fine, thank you very much. He's only the product of my sex romp with a spandex-clad stranger. He's legit."

And she might be fucking the sexy black cop. But, again, this really isn’t the important part.

The important part is Tate.

It always is.

We finally find out about Tate’s past. Long story short: he shot up his school, and then was shot at least 15 times in the chest by a SWAT team. Real happy stuff.

See, he seems happy. Everything is all hunky-dory.

By the way, this was 1994. So when Violet realizes this (thank you, Google!), she flips a bitch and tries to kill herself. Tate saves her in what might have been the cutest moment in television history.

We love you too, Tate.

Then you realize that Tate murdered around 20 people and that you should be reviled by him.

But gosh darnit, he’s so frigging cute!

Anyways, after a little more digging, Violet discovers that Tate was a pretty normal guy before he shot up the school. Just a normal teenage boy who likes books about birds. That’s normal, right?

Anyways, the episode ends with them spooning (Tate being the little spoon– que the squeeeees).

So here are my theories:

-They still made Tate likable, even after showing his gruesome crime. i don’t think they would do this unless the house made him do it.

– In addition, I think that the house also made other residents, like Larry, commit their crimes.

-Tate is the best.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Piggy, Piggy (Or, is it bad that i still like Tate?)

  1. I am basically in love with your reviews…awkward way to start talk to a stranger? Meh, I’m ok with it haha. I still love Tate as well. Even with his crazy skull make up my irrational love for him made me think “aw he is so good at Halloween make up!”. So yes..awkward first comment complete!

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