I’m a student at the College of William&Mary, studying English and Film. I live in the heart of colonial America during the academic year. They churn butter down the street. There are occasional fife and drum parades, and much revolutionary-era revalry.

When i’m home for the holidays, i’m in Washington, D.C. I currently am pursuing an internship with a prominent D.C. theater.

I aspire to write in a variety of genres. This is my outlet for random tidbits, observations, and travel writings.

I have three turtles.

I am a devoted Star Wars fan, with over 300 action figures and six life size card board cutouts in my basement. There are few things I love more than Star Wars. And yes, I love the prequels, too.


One thought on “Me

  1. Heya, cool blog you got .
    Also a hail from a fellow devote Star Wars fan from half across the world ^^
    – Am I the only one who wants a new movie series based on the Legacy era?? That’d be totally epic…

    check out my blog if you like comedy !

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