Who Will Play Wonder Woman? My Vote’s In For Emily Blunt

So, according to the folks at Entertainment Weekly, that Wonder Woman movie that’s been in development hell for the past decade will finally see the light in teh next few years, thanks to the folks over at Marvel raking in ungodly amounts of money from The Avengers. Seems like the good people down at DC Comics are finally realizing that ass sells tickets. No, guys don’t really want to see a female superhero, but they do want to see a female in a skintight supersuit.

Being of the lady persuasion, this is the reason I really went to see the Avengers.

After all, you can’t spell The Avengers without t  and a, if you know what i’m saying.

Anyhow, since it seems like the Wonder Woman movie might finally occur, i’m putting in my bet now:

Emily Blunt.

Yes, she’s British.

But here’s why she’d make a good super heroine:

1) She’s sassy

2) she’s hot

An American accent isn’t that difficult to pull off. And, after Anne Hathaway was woefully cast in The Dark Knight Rises, we now know that anything goes.

Emily Blunt looks the part. She’s a pale brunette with a killer bod and eyes that seem to twinkle with the power of the unknown. Did I mention she’s attractive?

Anyhow, if my prediction is right, you heard it here first.  Something about this woman screams Wonder Woman to me.


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